History of Local Union 627

We attached the entire history of LU#627. As you see we are not the first time LU#627 was chartered.

Local City - Chartered Date - Chartered Status History

  • LU627 Tyler, Texas August 11, 1908 Defunct - December, 1908
  • LU627 Bakersfield, California October 21, 1913 Defunct
  • LU627 Lorain, Ohio March 5, 1917 Amalgamated with LU129 – January 1, 1931
  • LU627 Fort Pierce, Florida December 6, 1941 Still Active

(Source: IBEW International Secretary/Treasurer Report – 38th International Convention, Vancouver, Canada.)

Founding Fathers of the IBEW

A first convention was called in St. Louis on November 21, 1891. Ten delegates attended, representing 286 members. The 10 men to whom our Brotherhood owes its life and the cities they represented are:

  • Henry Miller, St. Louis, Missouri
  • J. T. Kelly, St. Louis, Missouri
  • W. Hedden, St. Louis, Missouri
  • C. J. Sutter, Duluth, Minnesota
  • M. Dorsey, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • T. J. Finnell, Chicago, Illinois
  • E. Hartung, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • F. Heizleman, Toledo, Ohio
  • Joseph Berlowitz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • H. Fisher, Evansville, Indiana

The founders of our union met in a small room above Stolley’s Dance Hall in a poor section of St. Louis. It was a humble beginning. The handwritten report of that First Convention in our Archives records Henry Miller’s thoughts:

At such a diminutive showing, there naturally existed a feeling of almost despair. Those who attended the Convention will well remember the time we had hiding from the reporters and trying to make it appear that we had a great delegation.

The name adopted for the organization was National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. The delegates to that First Convention worked night and day for seven days drafting our first Constitution, general laws, ritual and emblem—the well-known fist grasping lightning bolts. The Convention elected Henry Miller as first Grand President and J. T. Kelly as Grand Secretary-Treasurer.

(Source – IBEW History and Structure)