No texting While Driving

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Effective immediately, no IBEW Member should be texting while driving.  I can not imagine losing one of my loved ones over a text message.
You have my commitment and I would like to have one from each of you. I love each and everyone of you with all my heart and want to be with each of you for as long as I am on this wonderful earth. Thank you!

AT&T produced this video on texting while driving. These are heart wrenching stories that did not need to be told. The texting craze crosses all age groups, young and old, work or play. Technology has granted us many benefits in our lifetime, the ability to text and communicate instantly in an age where we want information and want it now has its advantages.

 Please take a few minutes to share with your co-workers, family and friends the dangers of texting and driving.

If you must text while traveling:

  • Stop your vehicle
  • Pull off the roadway
  • Find a secured area
  • Be aware of your surroundings

Please watch the video